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Board Of Directoris Application 2021

Marshfield Youth Football is proud to launch our 2021 Spring Skills Development program to our athletes.  We are thrilled to announce that the MHS RAMS Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sean Camire has developed this specialized program to help develop our athletes this off-season and will lead our Skills & Speed sessions.

This 4-week program has been designed to work on developing player position specific fundamentals as well as improve on speed and agility.

There will be 2 weekly 1 1/2 our sessions

WEEK 1 - POSITION Specific (Offense & Defense)

WEEK 2 - OTA's (Team sessions)


WEEK 4 - OTA's (Team Sessions)

All MYF Players are encouraged to attend these session.  This will be important development towards the Fall 2021 Season.